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Ten Ways to Reuse a Plastic Bag


While we all know that reusable shopping bags are best for the environment, we all seem to wind up with a whole lot of plastic ones anyway. Luckily, on top of being recyclable, these bags are reusable for any number of purposes, aside from their obvious use as garbage bags. What can you do with a stack of plastic bags? A lot! You just have to think outside the, well, the bag.

1. Use them as a cheap and really quite effective packing material. Shove plastic bags into boxes to prevent items from shifting around during shipping. You can also use them to contain items that might leak to avoid other things from being damaged.

2. Organize your freezer by placing similar items into plastic bags. You can have a bag for frozen vegetables, one for fruits, one for each type of meat, and so on. Especially in a chest style deep freezer, this will make it a lot easier to find what you are looking for before your fingers freeze.

3. Use them to dispose of smelly messes. Keep some in your pocket for walking the dog, and in your diaper bag for quick dirty diaper containment. A few plastic bags in the diaper bag can hold a lot more too - dirty clothes, leaky sippy cups, and half eaten lunches to name a few. Plastic bags will contain the mess and the smell until you can find a garbage bin or get them home.

4. Get the toys in order! Use plastic bags to store all the parts to Mr. Potato Head, puzzle pieces, or Legos. You will have less mess and fewer lost pieces. Just make sure that your kids know it's not safe to put a plastic bag over their head or anyone else's head for that matter.

5. Use them for wet or dirty items in your luggage or gym bag. Same idea for a trip the pool or beach! You can store sandy, wet swimsuits and beach shoes, as well as that sand covered beach blanket in a plastic bag for the trip home to avoid a big mess in the car. Put your stinky gym clothes in a plastic bag until you can get them in the wash, and pack your laundry in one when you travel to keep it separate from clean clothes in your suitcase.

6. Brown bagging it? Why not plastic bag it? Use shopping bags to take your lunch to work or school!

7. Line the kitty litter with a plastic bag, or use one to scoop used litter into. You can also use one to store that icky litter scoop in between uses. Place a bag under the litter box too to prevent spills from hitting the carpet.

8. Bring bags with you to the library to carry your books. You can give one to your kids to place their own books in too! Double bag for heavier hardcover books.

9. Use bags to protect surfaces from messes an moisture. Lay them out while the kids are painting or playing with play dough. Place them just inside the door for wet or muddy shoes to be left on.

10. Reuse them for their most obvious use - take the back to the store for your next shopping trip!!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle