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Shopping Green


One of the best ways we can help the environment as individuals is to shop green. This can be accomplished in several ways.

  • Purchase products that have been recycled from old material.
  • Use natural products that don't pollute the environment with nasty chemicals.
  • Buy concentrated products that use less packaging.
  • Go organic whenever possible. Food products grown organically don't spread pesticides and unnatural fertilizers thus helping the environment and your health.
  • Try to buy products that have been produced locally. A large contribution to green house gases comes from transporting goods long distances.

Here are just a few on-line companies that sell green products or offer green services.

Gazelle is an easy to use online service that offers a fast & practical way for people to get cash for their used electronics and/or recycle them in an environmentally friendly way. They pay cash for Cell Phones, Laptops,Cameras, MP3, Camcorders, GPS, Gaming Consoles, Satellite Radios, Portable Hard Drives, and more. Cash In Your Old Gadgets

Green and More offers hundreds of products that save energy or are made from recycled materials.
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Organic Style is a premier eco-lifestyle destination site for people seeking high quality products that uphold the wellbeing of the planet and humankind.
Buy beautifull roses and help save a rainforest. Rainforest Foundation Charity Bouquet Digital Magazines.

Help reduce the environmental cost of purchasing paper and ink magazines. Not to mention the green house gases produced in the transportation process. Read your favourite magazines on-line and get the same format and content. Zinio Digital Magazines. Be Well Read.

Better World Bookstore:

Fund Literacy, Care for the Environment, and get a Fair Price on the Books you Want.

National Geographic:

This trusted supplier offers many items to help us understand and protect the environment. Go GREEN with National Geographic


How about purchasing a fuel alternative vehicle. You can find electric, hybrid, ethenol and bio diesel cars and trucks Click here.

Looking for a unique gift that will last a lifetime. With, you give something special for that special occasion and help the environment at the same time. Find out how it works.
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Discovery Channel Store:

The Discovery Channel produces wonderful programming that teaches us about our natural world and offers excellent eco-friendly products Click here

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle