Reduce Reuse Recycle

A Greener Clean on a Budget


In recent years the market has been flooded with new environmentally friendly cleaning products. Even the big names in cleaning products have begun to expand into making green cleaners. Unfortunately for those of us on a budget, these cleaners are often expensive, and many of them just aren't very effective. This results in a large number of people passing them up in favour of chemicals. The good news is you can clean your home to a shine without chemicals - and without breaking the bank. Three of the best natural cleaners are probably already in your kitchen!

Vinegar. This pantry staple has multiple cleaning uses - in fact the possibilities are nearly endless. Mix one part vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle for an all purpose cleaner that will replace a whole slew of cleaning products. Use it to clean countertops, stovetops, sinks and floors. In the bathroom, you can clean your tub and sink in the same way. Use undiluted vinegar to clean the toilet bowl. One word of caution - vinegar is acidic and can damage some surfaces if not diluted properly. Use caution on tile and do not use vinegar on marble. It's a good idea to test a small area first if you aren't sure. Vinegar can also be used as a natural fabric softener. Run diluted vinegar through your drip coffee maker to clean the inside for better tasting coffee. A little vinegar will shine up your stainless steel so it looks like new.

Lemons and lemon juice. This bright yellow fruit will have you keep a bright shiny house! You can use lemon juice as a stain remover and whitening agent - just pour lemon juice on the stain and let it sit. Stains will come out of fabric if you soak them in lemon juice and let them sit out in the sun. Lemons are also a great cleaner for copper fixtures and cookware. Mix lemon juice with vinegar for a fresher scent and more whitening power in your all-purpose cleaner. You can throw a lemon peel down your garbage disposal to clean out nasty odors. Make a fantastic scrubbing tool by cutting a lemon in half and coating the open end with baking soda. Which brings us to the third all natural cleaning product you probably already have….

Baking Soda. A great natural abrasive and odor fighter, baking soda has numerous cleaning uses around the house. Use it to scrub pots and pans, polish fixtures and clean sinks and tubs. Baking soda can be sprinkled on your carpets, left to sit overnight, and then vacuumed away to freshen and clean the whole room. A mixture of baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice makes a great cleaning paste to rival the most expensive ones on the market.

The uses of these three products in keeping your home fresh and clean are endless. Replace your current chemical cleaners one by one and you'll find out for yourself! Not only will you be cleaning your home with natural and earth-friendly cleaners, you will save a pile of chemical filled bottles from making their way to the landfills.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle