Reduce Reuse Recycle

The Future of Reading


One the most dramatic effects on the environment is Manís insatiable appetite for paper. Even though recycled paper is becoming a larger and larger component of the paper we use, the processes involved and increasing demand for paper still has a major impact on our planetís environment.

There are reading products now available that can greatly reduce our use of paper. The products are called ebook Readers and with the latest version of an ebook reader Ė Amazonís Kindle, itís now possible to download thousands of book, magazines, and periodicals without using a single scrap of paper.

Kindle is the latest in a short list of ebook readers being marketed which allows you to curl up with an electronic book and forego the cutting of trees or chemical processing that is entailed in creating that book. Up till now, ebook readers have had a slow start. Readers saw little incentive in changing their life long love affair with paper books. Kindle may change all that by offering the ability to download best sellers, magazines and periodicals all within a minute and with no communication cost to the reader. The other main advantage is in the more than 85,000 titles that can be ordered for less than the paper version Ė sometimes much less.
Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device (9.7" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)

Kindle is just the latest in a crop of e-readers available from some of the top electronic manufacturers. Other products include:

Sony, Jinke Electronics, iRex Technologies, Eread, and Netronix. You can see a Wiki report on these and others here.

Watch a video of the Fujitsu's FLEPia colour e-reader

While ebook readers have improved dramatically over the last few years in terms of type quality, battery use length and download capabilities, prices are still pretty high. However if you are an avid reader, the lower cost of ebooks, newspapers and magazines could provide a payback within a few years. When you consider the convenience of instant downloads, the savings in weight and space, and the benefits to our environment, it may well be time to consider giving up on those heavy, paper wasting books and get into green e-reading.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle